Red Grapefruit

Recognizable for its deep red flesh color and exceptional flavor, the nearly smooth skin of the red grapefruit sports a characteristic dark pink pretty blush. Having one to six seeds, inside is an intense deep rich red flesh that delivers an absolutely delicious sweet-tart flavor. The redder the flesh, the sweeter the taste. Measuring about three and one-half to four inches in diameter, this grapefruit is smaller than the Ray Ruby and Rio Red varieties.

Locally grown year-round, the peak season for grapefruit is December to May.

Star ruby grapefruit are the standard pink grapefruit in taste, flavor and appearance. Most often eaten fresh in breakfast preparations, grapefruit may also be used in savory salads, baked dishes, or juiced into cocktails, vinaigrette or frozen desserts. The flesh and juice may also be cooked down into sauces, syrups and jams. Pair Star ruby grapefruit with citrus, tropical fruit, avocados, yogurt, root vegetables, fish, and fresh herbs.

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