Broccolini (Aspiration)

Broccolini also known as aspiration or sweet baby broccoli, has spear-shaped, thin and tender vibrant green stems with lengths that rarely exceed six inches long. The head is a loose small cluster of florets that resemble broccoli rabe. Compared to common broccoli, the flavor of Broccolini is understated, mild, peppery and subtlety sweet. The entire plant is edible.

Broccolini is best in the spring and summer months, but available year-round.

Broccolini Aspirations are a more versatile vegetable than common broccoli as they were bred to be more tender but also to withstand higher heat. Broccolini can be sauteed, steamed, roasted, grilled and fried. It makes a great appetizer, pasta or risotto ingredient and pizza topping. Broccolini's flavor marries well with butter, olive oil, lemon, lime, light-bodied vinegar's, garlic, tomatoes, chilies, cured meats such as pancetta and prosciutto, flaky white fish, hard cheeses such as parmesan and pecorino or fresh cheeses such as goat cheese and feta.

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