Kale - Black (Tuscan)

Palm tree-like fronds are a characteristic of the Black kale. Also called Italian Black Cabbage, these curly-edged leaves grow out of a central stalk. When the central stalk is harvested, mini-black cabbages are produced on the stalk. This variety offers its very own subtle green cabbage flavor that has a tangy bite with an almost sweet aftertaste.

Black kale is best late fall through spring, but available year-round.

Young raw Black kale leaves are tasty in salads. Pairs well with beans or pork. Cook until soft in olive oil with a generous amount of garlic for a palate-pleasing side dish. To use Black kale leaves as food wrappers, blanch leaves briefly in lightly salted water. Place cubes of favorite cheese in leaf; wrap and bake. Risotto is superb wrapped in kale leaves as are shrimp and scallops.

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